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Fantastic Dinner - 5 Stars!
Our "party of 5" loved this dining experience. Starting with the warm bread, interesting cocktails and ample dinner portions we all gave it thumbs up and spoke of it several times afterwards on how much we enjoyed our evening. We all had "leftovers" for the next day. Meat, Fish and Vegetables were cooked perfectly. Potato Dauphinois were delicious, so much so we asked for the recipe...and they provided it. Amazing. Everything about this meal was perfection. Finished off with a chocolate mousse type dessert which was lovely. Great atmosphere.


The food was sheer perfection, I have NEVER had a better “house salad” anywhere. Very simply made but a sublime taste. Every bite of our dinner was delicious, and the service? One word, “Tim”. I cannot write enough good things about this man! I can no longer speak due to throat cancer, so the best I could do is a little note of thanks on our table, and hopefully he sees or hears of this review. This was only our second time here for dinner, but we’ve decided to make it several dinners each summer we’re up here, which will be every summer from now on since we bought a place for ourselves on the ocean.
Treat yourself and go enjoy the food and the absolutely wonderful Tim.



One of the best Bed & Breakfast in Maine, Hancock.

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